Ask early, ask often. You will need several letters of recommendation and each specialty has their own little quirks. We shy away from providing specifics about who and what kinds of attendings to ask for letters of recommendation, but we recommend the following: ask multiple people their opinions.

Some things are essentially set in stone concerning the types of recommendations you should request. Your mentors, your clinical directors, your student deans, and your friends that have matched can all serve as guides helping you make the decision of who to ask for letters.

Keep in mind the following things:

  • You need a minimum number of letters for each application, usually three
  • You can request any number of letters of recommendations. In other words, you can ask 50 people to write a letter of recommendation and they can each upload a letter to your ERAS account. When you submit your ERAS application, you can individually assign any number of the uploaded letters to each application.
    Let’s look at an example.
    Imagine you are applying to three programs: Program One, Program Two, and Program Three. You have worked really hard on your rotations and secured five letters of recommendation:


  1. Program One
  2. Program Two
  3. Program Three

Letter of Rec

  1. Letter A
  2. Letter B
  3. Letter C
  4. Letter D
  5. Letter E
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