A Medical Residency Search Engine


We are the only medical residency search engine with hundreds of searchable details for residency programs throughout the United States. We provide hundreds of details to help you decide what can be the best fit for you during the long and demanding process of applying to medical residency. From internal medicine to surgery to psychiatry and all the rest, we have spent countless hours pouring over websites, information pamphlets, and talking to applicants to create the best set of data that can help you.

Other medical residency resources give you a small handful of search choices, and we feel they neglect truly important information like allowing you to search programs by the average board scores of residents they have accepted or additional educational opportunities the residency has. With over a hundred residency programs in each specialty, it is impossible to spend hours of effort into digging up every little detail when you are applying to dozens of programs and sometimes over a hundred programs to secure a spot in this increasingly competitive environment.

We are very proud of our location search engine that allows you to find programs near any location you want. Whether you are looking to stay near family, or you are planning to couples match and want a list of every program within thirty miles of your significant other, we make that happen.


Our founders discovered the process of sifting through hundreds of residency programs a frustrating and time-consuming mess compounding the already stressful nature of the residency application process. They put together a small team and began to tackle the problem of how to give graduating medical students a better way to find good-fit residency programs. After thousands of hours, the team produced Resident Rye Catcher, a robust medical residency search engine.


Resident Rye Catcher strives to empower medical students during the residency application process.

We give you powerful search tools to help narrow your potential list of hundreds of programs to a manageable number.