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With over 3,000 residency programs out there and hundreds of programs per speciality, deciding where to apply is one of the most difficult decisions you will make. Creating a list of programs to submit your application to is one of the most important things you will do. Unfortunately, it is also one of the least systematic, least informed decisions you will be forced to make over the few months between your third year of medical school and submitting your application.Click here for more information about the APPLICATION PROCESS.

Our Solution

A fully searchable database with customizable list creation to hone-down to your best-fit programs. Compare your scores against current residents, find programs with the curriculum features you want, and hundreds of other things to choose from. We save you valuable time sifting through the hundreds of websites out there by giving you the ability to find the programs fit to your background. Also, your privacy is paramount to us and your account is encrypted so that only you are able to access its information.

More Information

To provide the most uptodate information, we invite US residency applicants to provide information about programs that they interviewed at during the season. All submissions will be treated as confidential and any personal information will be removed from materials before posting. Your submission will be deleted from our email account once incorporated into our data.


Resident Rye Catcher strives to educate and empower medical students during the residency application process.

We give you powerful search tools to help narrow your potential list of hundreds of programs to a manageable number.